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Fire damages in Portland can happen when you least expect it, all it takes is just a few quick minutes of you leaving a hot stove by itself, ignoring a candle, forgetting to turn off a clothes iron, or not property disposing a cigarette. To keep your home safe of fire damages in Portland, there are some basic items you can do to make sure your property, family, and guests are safe.

Here’s what you can do to protect your home from fire damages in Portland.

  • Install smoke alarms in rooms of your property, especially in hallways and outside of a kitchen.
  • Test your smoke detectors to ensure they’re working. Batteries should be replaced annually.
  • Have multiple fire extinguishers placed throughout your home in easy to reach places.
  • Make sure you safely distance hot appliances away from flammable objects.

Evacuation Plan
If a fire does happen, you should be prepared to exit your home as fast as possible. Create an evacuation plan that utilizes a number of backup routes in case the fire prevents you from using your primary strategy. Practice using these routes with your family multiple times so everyone is aware and knowledge of what to do incase members of your house become separated. If you have a multiple storied home, consider purchasing a rope ladder in case you need to exit through a window in the upper levels.

We hope with these few basic items you can keep your home and your family safe from a fire. But when your home becomes damaged by smoke or fire damage in Portland, you can rely on the experts at ServiceMaster of Portland to provide all restoration services you need to restore your home back to normal. Contact our office today for more information about services for smoke and fire damage in Portland. We’re ready to help serve you.