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Park in Wilsonville, OREvery homeowner fears that his or her home may be vulnerable to water damage. Some of the common sources of water disasters are actually preventable. Here are a few suggestions to prevent common causes of damage in your home from the local Wilsonville water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster of Portland.

Keep in mind both what is above ground, and what is below ground, when choosing the locations for plants. Some plants, especially trees, develop far-reaching root systems. Roots are one of the most common reasons that pipes crack, because as the roots seek out water, they force their way into the pipes.

Set up the landscaping around your home so that it will direct water flow away from the house. This means having the surrounding ground angled slightly downward. Realistically, this may not always be possible. If your Wilsonville home’s placement or the cost of redoing the landscaping do not allow you to make these changes, install a French drain to direct water along through the higher elevation areas and past the house.

Be careful what you put into your pipes. Toilets are not a catch-all disposal unit; hair from the tub can build up in pipes from the shower and cause clogs; and many items in the kitchen ought to be thrown out, rather than pouring them down the sink, such as grease from cooking. Drain clogs often lead to sewer backups or other issues, and those can require professional Wilsonville water damage cleanup.

Follow the money to see if you might have leaks in your pipes. Pay attention to you water bills, and see how much water you are using on a regular basis. Some seasons—especially summer—folks do tend to use more water, so don’t worry if you see seasonal differences in your water usage, but big jumps in your bill or year-over-year changes are a good indication that something is up.

If your home should fall victim to a water damage disaster, call in the Wilsonville water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster of Portland.


Photo by Mike Rohrig