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When you experience water damage in your Portland, Oregon property, the first step is determining the source of the water. Depending on the source, the water may be classified as clean, gray, or black water — and each type of water has its own unique cleanup requirements.

Clean Water
Water that is considered clean water is not a health risk. This is tap water that you could safely drink, or rainwater that comes directly into the building without coming into contact with the ground or other potentially contaminated surfaces. This water is safe for you to come directly into contact with, so depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to safely restore damage from clean water. For gray and black water, however, the potential health risk means that professional expertise is necessary to safely clean up the damage. After several hours in contact with building materials in your property, clean water can become gray water.

Gray Water
Gray water may contain certain hazardous materials or chemicals. This category includes tap water that has already been used—such as water that was used to shower or wash hands. This water poses a potential risk to your health. While this water may or may not contain harmful matter, it is vital that you follow safety procedures that will keep you safe if it does.

Black Water
This classification includes all water that would definitely contain harmful bacteria and microbes. Black water includes raw sewage or water from a sewer backup, which may contain fecal matter and parasites. Floodwater that contains soil or runoff from pavement will also carry harmful chemicals or microbes. Black water may carry Hepatitis, Giardia, Norovirus, or a variety of other severe illnesses. Protect your health by calling in the experts at ServiceMaster of Portland.

With the expertise to properly clean your property after a water damage disaster, you can count on ServiceMaster of Portland to restore your home or commercial building to its healthy, pre-loss condition quickly and skillfully.