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Fire damages are always a potential threat. Fire outbreaks can be due to overheating electronics, improper cigarette disposal, cooking and/or kitchen mishaps, and from several other causes. Despite the source, a fire is a force that will engulf and destroy nearly anything in its path until interrupted and extinguished. Fortunately, ServiceMaster of Portland is the expert for fire damage in Portland. With our services, our team of restoration experts can repair and restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. In addition to our services, our experts would like to share some helpful advice you can use when you are facing fire damages in Portland, OR.

1) Speak to your insurance
After sustaining smoke or fire damages, contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible. They can help provide advice on what steps you should do next, begin the claims process, and help search for a Portland disaster restoration expert for you, such as ServiceMaster of Portland.

2) Ventilation
When the fire is extinguished you’ll want to open all doors and windows to help ventilate and aerate the property to remove smoke, odors, and dust/soot that is lingering in the air. These items can make a hostile environment, preventing the restoration crew to enter, so jumpstart this process and utilize fans, if possible.

3) Moving your belongings
When the fire has been extinguished, start moving all of your undamaged or partially damaged out of the affected area and into a safe location. You want to avoid having your belongings sustain additional damages from residual smoke, soot, and odors.

4) Recording damages
After a fire has occurred, begin to take notes of all damages you’ve sustained. Jot down a list of items that have been damaged, find receipts if possible, and take pictures or even record video. You’ll want to collect as much evidence as possible of your damaged belongings so that the claims process can move much faster.

For all of your smoke and fire damage needs in Portland, Oregon rely on the disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster of Portland. Our restoration technicians are all experienced, professionally trained, and ready to handle fire damage projects of all sizes. For more information about our Portland fire damage restoration services, feel free to contact our office today!