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ServiceMaster of Portland technician to dehumidify water damageShould your home or business suffer from Portland water damage, it is important that you call in the experts immediately to limit the extent of the damage and restore your property.

Before the professionals arrive, you can also take some steps to ensure a smooth process. Follow these tips to help minimize damage and stay safe.

What to do:

  • If possible, shut off the source of the water
  • Take care not to slip on wet patches
  • Minimize traffic in wet areas—the more traffic, the more risk of damage
  • Remove fragile items and objects that might be damaged by the water from the affected space
  • Remove small portable furniture from the affected area
  • For large, heavy furniture on wet carpet, we recommend placing foil between the furniture legs and the carpeting to protect from staining

What not to do:

  • Enter a space with standing water
  • Consume food items or use hygiene products that were in the affected area
  • Enter the area if the water is from a sewer backup or other unsanitary source
  • Make adjustments to the heating or cooling systems
  • Attempt to remove water using a vacuum or other household item

When a water disaster strikes your Portland home or business, your local Portland water damage restoration experts are ready to lend a hand. Our experienced team is available when you call 24-hours, 365 days of the year.