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Portland rains can be tough on your home in a number of ways. If you notice water in your basement after the rains, check to see if there is a drain nearby that the water may have come through. Occasionally the city’s sewer lines become overwhelmed by the heavy rains, and cause water to flow in the opposite direction—up through your basement floor drain.

Clogged pipes are another common cause of Portland sewer backup damage. Hair, tissues, sanitary products, or other items can build up or lodge in your sewer line, preventing the natural flow of water and sewage from your home to the city’s lines. When the sewage cannot flow forwards, it can be forced to reverse into your home, leaving you with a nasty mess to clean up.

Damage to the pipe itself can also result in a sewer backup in Portland. Tree roots can grow into pipes, or wrap around them and collapse the pipe. Over time, pipes can also corrode or crack.

If you are unsure about the source of your sewer backup damage, call a professional plumber.

Partner with ServiceMaster of Portland today for a thorough cleaning and sanitization of any spaces affected by a sewer backup in your home. Don’t place yourself at risk by coming into contact with potentially contaminated water. Bring in the experts you trust. Call today for immediate service.