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ServiceMaster of Portland(503) 234-0707

Milwaukie, OR residents can rely on us for disaster restoration and professional cleaning services


If you’re a resident of Milwaukie, Oregon and need disaster restoration services and damage repairs, you’ve come to the right place. ServiceMaster of Portland offers the greater Portland metro area professional cleaning and restoration services. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and have undergone rigorous specialized training to provide you with the best services the industry has to offer.

Please call us if your property has suffered damages from any of the following:

  • Water Damage/Flooding
    When you experience flooding or water damage from a busted pipe or overstuffed washing machine, it’s crucial to act fast. The longer you wait to call for professional help, the more damages your property and belongings will inevitably suffer. We know the best techniques to properly dry your carpets and furniture to mitigate damages to a minimum.
  • Fire Damage
    Smoke and soot damage your personal items long after the fire is put out. We understand the complex chemical reactions involved in fire damage and can help minimize potential damages. Time is an important factor when it comes to fire restoration as well. If you wait too long to call for professional cleaning after a fire, some damages can be irreversible.
  • Mold Contamination
    Mold is often underestimated, but the damages involved go further than just your property. Mold can infiltrate air vents and lower the indoor air quality of your space, possibly making you sick. Mold is a health issue and should be treated with just as much importance as other property damages.
  • Hoarding Cleanup
    Compulsive hoarding is a serious condition that requires compassionate and qualified help. We understand how difficult it can be for an individual that suffers from hoarding behavior and how hard it can be for the family. We can help. We provide expert cleaning services for properties that have been damaged by hoarding to get your life back to normal.

We restore more than just property damages resulting from a disaster; we provide professional cleaning services as well. It’s not recommended to attempt carpet or upholstery cleaning by yourself as some carpet or upholstery fibers require special cleaning techniques. We have the experience and the knowledge to clean your belongings properly so they look fresh again.

Call ServiceMaster of Portland at (503) 234-0707 if you’re in need of disaster restoration or professional cleaning services in the Milwaukie, OR area. We love helping people get back on their feet after severe property damages and look forward to providing you with exceptional service.




Photo by Carol Munro