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As much as it rains in Portland, there’s plenty of mud, dirt, and other filth that can easily attach onto your shoes and makes its way onto your carpeting. If you’re on a tight budget professional carpet cleaning can be outside of your budget, and renting steam machines and carpet cleaners can take forever to learn how to use them properly. It’d be much easier to prevent stains than clean them – and here’s a few good ways to do so.

Carpet Types

Almost every modern carpet is an 85/15 nylon-wool mix, and that’s because that particular mix of materials is a good blend to resist stains and endure foot traffic. The color doesn’t matter as much as some people would believe; the lighter colors show dirt while the darker colors show dust. They each require about the same amount of cleaning. The biggest difference: loop pile versus cut pile — cut pile is much easier to get the dirt out of.

Simple Habits to Remember

Take your shoes off at the door, but keep your socks on, over months, the natural oils that your feet leave behind attract dirt. Vacuum at least twice a week. Use a top-load vacuum so that when you turn the vacuum off, the dirt falls inward, not back onto the floor.  Make sure it uses HEPA filters and change them every three months. When your vacuums bag or container is half-full, empty the cylinder to maximize effectiveness.

In Case Of Emergency

If you spill food or drink, grab a white terrycloth towel and blot the stain. Don’t scrub or rub, because you might distort the nap or fray the pile. If you can afford a handheld spot extractor, use it. On the other hand, if you spill something oil-based, a bit of Afta dry-cleaning fluid can help lift oils from you carpeting.

Being mindful of your carpets and learning and utilizing a few ways to save them from damage will make the look and feel of your home seem more inviting to guests. Trust our team of professional Portland carpet cleaners if your carpets have been extremely soiled or if you prefer to freshen up your carpeting to appear like new. We are just a phone call away.