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Fire damage is an overwhelming event, because not only could you lose some of your most prized possessions, but also you may be left without a workplace or home as it could be completely destroyed.

If you’re lucky, the fire may not spread throughout the entire property, granting you the chance to limit the damages and salvage items. To save any rescales, you’ll want to call the experts for restoration services. As you wait for the arrival of the professionals, here are some tips for keeping fire damages to a minimum:

Accept That Some Items May Be A Loss

Don’t attempt to keep items that are damaged beyond repair, and don’t hesitate to demolish any part of your office or home that has been completely burned.

Aerate Your Property

The first step in the cleaning process is to do everything possible to ventilate and air out your property. Open windows, setup fans, and open doors. By aerating your property, you help reduce smoke, lingering odors, and help dry any water or wet materials.

Vacuum Fabric Items (Without the Beater Bar)

Soot can often be found on fabrics. To remove soot, gently vacuum the fabrics without the beater bar or large amounts of pressure. Otherwise you run the risk of compounding soot into the fabric turning it into a much more difficult task to clean.


Soot on porous surfaces, you want to use a chemical sponge, which can be found at your local hardware store, and a grease cutting cleanser. For nonporous surfaces like glass or metal, these can be wiped with simple spray cleaners and paper towels.


Paint can hold smoke and soot odors particularly well. To remove the odors, strip painted surfaces and repaint them to help eliminate or reduce odors. The same can be applied to hardwood floors, consider stripping and re-varnishing floors if you suspect them absorbing soot and smoke odors. But do note that hardwood floors are less vulnerable to absorbing soot and smoke odors.

The Portland fire damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster of Portland are some of the best in the business. Rely on us to have your property completely restored from damages, with high quality results.