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To many people, flood and water damage in Portland are essentially the same. They believe that because they are dealing with water and structural damages, they both receive the same treatment and coverage. But that is incorrect, there is a difference between the two, and it does matter when it comes to insurance coverage. So when you’re dealing with flood and water damage in Portland, see below on how you can easily differentiate between flood or water damage in Portland.

Water Damage

Water damage in Portland occurs when water affects or causes damages to structures before it touches the ground. The majority of water damages occur when excessive moisture or pipe leaks occur inside your walls, or when rainfall breaches into your property through cracks and openings.

Examples of water damage in Portland:

  • An opening in your roof lets rainfall enter and breach into your property causing wood and drywall in your ceilings and walls to become saturated and damaged.
  • Rain gutters are not properly leading water down a drainpipe. Instead the water is allowed to flow down the side of your property causing damages to your property’s siding and walls.
  • A showerhead leaks water, eventually causing damage to the wall surrounding the pipe due to constant exposure and saturation of water.

Flood Damage

Flood damage occurs when water is flowing into your property and collects in a section of your property. The key differentiator between flood damage and water damage in Portland is that for flood damage to occur, the water must touch the ground first, rather than touch the walls and trickle down to the floor.

Examples of flood damage in Portland:

  • During a storm, the soil near your property becomes too saturated with water and runoff water leads to your property causing it to flood your property.
  • A toilet is clogged and begins to overflow, allowing water to spill over the bowl and collect in your bathroom.
  • A pipe bursts due to cold weather and begins to flood the lower levels of your property.

When dealing with either water damage or flood damage in Portland, it is best to know with what exactly you are dealing with. Because when it comes to insurance coverage, there is a difference between the two; this can mean you may not be covered and may have to pay out of your own pocket. But when water or flood damages do occur, you can rely on the experts at ServiceMaster of Portland to provide all the restoration services you need to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition.

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