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All buildings are prone to deterioration, no matter the type. Though most problems are the result of age, some newer buildings can age even more quickly than older ones because the new materials used in construction are not as resistant to weathering as materials once were. Problems can begin within one year of construction, so close attention must be paid to new buildings during the guarantee period.

Deterioration can be the result of either aging or poor construction. Building owners should be diligent about keeping an eye out for problems and conduct a yearly building inspection with the help of a qualified professional.

Building floors and walls should be regularly inspected to establish how the building looks when it’s safe and in good condition. Familiarity with the building’s appearance when it is free of problems will serve as a guide if cracks begin to appear where they haven’t been seen before.

Water is one of the most common contributors to facade deterioration. When combined with masonry movement, both liquid and ice can lead to shifts in masonry. Masonry also shifts seasonally, 1/2 inch for every 100 feet, and can even crack if expansion joints are not present every 30 feet to accommodate the movement. These types of cracks grow over time and require intervention.

The consequences of these deterioration problems include falling masonry, structural deterioration and water penetration. Parts or entire elements may fall off a building facade and injure someone. The problems can also result in further deterioration by allowing water to seep into the building, causing interior finish and equipment damage.

If Portland water damage is handled in a timely matter, your building may not require remediation. A layperson can detect some symptoms, as will a conscientious superintendent. However, a periodic inspection by an expert is still recommended. To prevent problems from occurring, a qualified architect or engineer should inspect the building every year or two and write a report that includes photographs or sketches of any deficiencies found.

If symptoms are not detected or dealt with before they have turned into a problem,you will need remediation services. If you’re dealing withPortland water damage or flood damage, it is important to get advice from an expert in water remediation. ServiceMaster of Portland specializes in disaster recovery services.