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Commercial mold damageMold growth is the last thing a business owner wants to find on their property. A mold infestation can cause not only an interruption in day-to-day business, but it can put yourself and your employees at risk of serious health problems. Our expert technicians at ServiceMaster of Portland have years of experience in removing mold for commercial properties here in the Portland Metro area. If you are concerned that your commercial business has mold damage, we can help identify and eliminate the source and get you back in business.

What are the signs of mold damage to look for?

  • Any leaks around or in your building from the air conditioning system or a burst pipe
  • Musty smells throughout the building
  • Finding any dark or discolored spots on your walls or ceilings
  • If you have recently had flood or water damage on the property

What can mold damage really do?

A mold infestation on a commercial property can cause a variety of issues for the business owner. When mold grows on the structure of your building, it will gradually deteriorate the things it’s growing on – from roofing to drywall to furnishings. In addition to the possible structure damage, mold also leads to some serious health problems. Long-term mold exposure can cause breathing difficulties, severe allergic reactions and possibly even illnesses. Don’t wait until the mold damage gets worse, mold remediation can involve some significant, costly repairs. The sooner you contact Service Master of Portland for your commercial mold damage, the sooner we can get started!

Our Remediation Process:

After you call our office, we will dispatch our expert mold remediation team to your commercial property. They will then use moisture meters across the affected areas to find the levels of moisture and the source of the original growth. After the source is located, we will use our dehumanization and water extraction equipment to ensure all the mold causing moisture is removed. Next, we will isolate and seal off the affected area so that no additional mold spores are released into the unaffected areas. For more serious infestations we may have to remove any damp drywall or other affected building materials – from drywall to flooring. We finish all mold remediation jobs by sanitizing, deodorizing and cleaning affected structural materials and contents, as needed.

Contact ServiceMaster of Portland today if you see, or even just suspect, mold growth on your commercial property. Our expert team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help get you back in business!