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Heavy rainfall and severe storms can cause flood damage in Portland and a variety of issues for any property. Pipes can burst or leak during cold weather, properties may flood from excessive rainfall, and sewer backups can occur. But when you property succumbs to a flooding, there are two common flood-types that can occur, each with different traits and restoration process. See below to learn more.

Clear Water Flooding

The first flood-type is “clear water flooding”. This type of flooding happens when a waterline from your sinks or appliance breaks and clean water begins to rush and flood your property. The process for clear water flooding quite basic and simple in terms of property restoration, technicians will begin by extracting water, cleaning services, restoring content, dry structures, and provide structural repairs. Of the two flood types that are being discussed, clear water flooding causes the least amount of damage, as the floodwater is clean and doesn’t contain any nasty contaminants.

Black Water Flooding

The second flood-type is “black water flooding”. Black water flooding occurs when floodwater from the outdoors infiltrates into your property or when a sewer line backs up into your property. Black water flooding receives its name due to the black color of the water. But that color comes from a combination of a variety of contaminants such as soil, microbes, sewage, and more.

The cleanup and restoration process for black water flooding is exponentially more difficult than clear water flooding. Due to the high levels of bacteria and microbes that resides within the floodwater makes the cleanup process near impossible. As contaminants and bacteria can become absorbed and trapped within materials, which restoration experts may not be able to completely sanitize. By not being able to thoroughly sanitize these materials, it can create an unhealthy environment and health hazards for anyone exposed to the area for an extended period of time. For black water flooding, it’s best to opt to replace materials that are saturated with black water, as this will ensure no bacteria or mold is present within the materials.

When your facing water and flood damage in Portland, you can trust the disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster of Portland. We offer restoration services for fire, smoke, and water damages. When disaster strikes your home or office, we’re ready to help you restore your life back to normal. Contact us today to learn more about our services for water damage restoration in Portland.