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Carpet Spot Removal Portland Oregon

Spot Removal Techniques
Remember that the best time to clean up most spots and spills is right after they occur. Using the proper ServiceMaster Clean® product, follow the techniques below. Be sure to pretest a small area to make sure that the fabric will not bleed or get damaged during treatment. Contact us to find out which product will work best for you!
1. If liquid, blot up as much as possible with a clean cloth.

2. If the material is dry, loosen residue with the dull edge of a knife or spatula. Scrape or vacuum up as much of the residue as you can.

3. Dampen clean cloth with the proper cleaning agent for the particular kind of spot.

4. Blot area gently, working from the outer edge to the center of the spot. Turn the cloth frequently so you are always using a clean area.

5. Repeat this process until the spot is removed or until you no longer have a transfer spot on your cloth. Be careful not to get the carpet excessively wet.

6. Blot the spot with water. Blot any excess moisture.

7. Align the carpet pile. Protect the area from any traffic and allow to dry.

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If ServiceMaster Clean is called to your home, be sure to notify them of areas that have already been treated.

Spills and Spotting Tips

In the case of any of the following spots we highly recommend you immediately contact the professionals at ServiceMaster of Portland. If this is not possible below are some immediate actions you can take to decrease the severity of the damage. After taking these steps contact us to set up your carpet cleaning appointment.

Grease and Oil Marks
Gently rub in talcum powder, cornmeal or cornstarch. Let it set and then brush or sponge powder away. Vacuum the area.

Mustard Spots
Soak stained area with diluted ammonia (one tablespoon ammonia, one cup of water). Then dry with a hair dryer.

Red Wine
Use club soda to flush the wine from carpet fibers.

Blood Spots
Flush with cold water. Avoid hot water as heat will set the blood stain.

Soft Drinks
Blot the area with a vinegar solution (one part vinegar, two parts water). Then blot with a detergent solution (one teaspoon detergent and one quart water).

Freeze the gum with ice and use a dull knife to remove.

Candle Wax
Put a brown paper bag over the dried wax and run a hot iron over it. The bag will absorb the hot wax.

Latex Paint
Soak with dish detergent diluted with 20 parts water. Agitate the area, blot, rinse and blot again.

Ball Point Ink
Use hair spray and be sure to rinse the entire area well with water when finished.

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