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Hardwood floors add a unique and valuable aesthetic to any home. With the proper maintenance, they can also last a very long time.  This means using the right types of cleaning products, protecting your floor from scuffs and scratches, and keeping floors dry.  Even with the best care, hardwood floors can become worn or damaged.  The cleaning experts at ServiceMaster of Portland offer some tips on how to maintain your hardwood floors.

Restoring and refinishing hardwood floors is an excellent option for breathing life back into your floors.  Floor restoration and refinishing services range from wood panel repair and custom match patching, to inlays, and wood-staining.  A good repair service company will be able to assist you with locating floor panels to match the ones that currently exist in your home or business.  Most companies have access to even the most hard-to-find and rare sizes of flooring materials.

If you want to do a complete redesign, many companies also offer professional floor design services and will work with you to create a new floor that compliments your home or business.  Flooring professionals should be able to provide you with a variety of options from natural and finished hardwoods to environmentally friendly bamboo flooring.  Once you have decided on the perfect floor, it can be installed with custom trim and molding to match.

Floors that have been damaged by water may seem like a total-loss but this is not so.  Many flooring professionals, such as the Portland floor cleaningprofessionals at ServiceMaster of Portland are experts in emergency water-removal.  During this process, they use special drying equipment to quickly and effectively extract water from hardwood floors.  When treated in a timely manner, performing a water-removal service can greatly reduce damage to your home’s floors.

If you want a total floor makeover but are concerned about the chemicals used during these processes, or simply want to reduce your impact on the environment, look for a flooring expert that specializes in green services.  These types of businesses use less toxic, environmentally friendly supplies in their services.  Green providers carry low VOC paints, stains, and glosses a variety of finishes and shades.

Hardwood floors are an investment that when cared for properly, will last for many years.  When seeking out a flooring expert to upgrade your hardwood floors, be sure to find one that uses the best methods and most environmentally friendly materials out there.  Contact our Portland Floor Cleaning team today to find out more about ServiceMaster of Portland’s hardwood floor care and cleaning options.