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When facing water or flood damage in the Portland-metro area, you need urgent assistance. For emergency water and flood damage restoration you can count on ServiceMaster of Portland, we’re the local water damage restoration experts who can repair and restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. For emergency services, we have our lines open 24-hours a day, because we know that disasters can strike at any time of the day and we want to be available to you at all hours.

But when you are facing water damages and have already contacted the experts and are waiting for their arrival, we have some helpful information you can use to jumpstart the restoration process.

Eliminate incoming water.
This should be your first priority upon discovering water damage or a flood. You need to eliminate the supply of water that is entering your property. Begin by shutting off the water valves feeding into burst or leaking pipes, or if water is coming from the outside, redirect the water to flow away from your property. By minimizing the amount of water that enters your property, you limit the amount of damages you can sustain.

Remove all possessions from the area.
The next priority should be to move all of your belongings within the area to a safe, dry location. The longer you allow items to sit or come into contact with water, the more damages they will sustain. So move all of your belongings to a different floor level, outside, or into a garage.

Remove as much water as possible.
Once you’ve shut off the incoming water and moved all of your possessions out of the area, you can then begin to search for a way to drain the water. If possible, see if you can lead the water outside or into a floor drain. If there are no drains or path outside, you can always attempt to mop as much water as you can from the area.

We hope our advice will be able to help you if you ever find yourself dealing with water and flood damages, but when you need professional assistance and require structural repairs and restoration, call ServiceMaster of Portland. We’re your reliable experts that can handle water damages of all sizes. Call us today to begin or to learn more about our services.