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When you experience Portland water damage, the destruction and cost can be overwhelming. Portland rain is notorious for both its frequency, and its duration. This requires that your home have quality water defenses to prevent damage from occurring. Follow these 3 simple steps to protect your home from the team that has seen it all at ServiceMaster of Portland, your local disaster restoration company.

  • Keep gutters clear with regular cleaning, especially in the fall when leaves fall most frequently and can clog up gutters. A clogged gutter does not allow water to properly flow through the gutter, and often leads to water pouring over the side of the gutter during rainy weather. When water pours out the side of the gutters, it lands in close proximity to the house itself, placing the house at increased risk of developing flooding or a water disaster.
  • Downspouts should also be installed so that the water is expelled at least 10 feet from the building’s foundation.
  • The landscaping should be done such that the house is at the highest point and the land has at least a mild downhill slope from the house, so that water is againdirected away from the house, reducing the risk of flooding and water damage in your Portland home.

If your water protection fails, don’t hesitate to call your neighbors at ServiceMaster of Portland. We’ll get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.